Posted by: soozyjane | October 31, 2010

Moved already?

Yes! I only just started and I have moved already! Please visit here and update your bookmarks with my new blog url. I discovered I can do a whole lot more there than here! Should be exciting πŸ™‚

Posted by: soozyjane | October 7, 2010

Hello world!

First post πŸ™‚ after having just attended an Etsy virtual lab session ( that was actually cancelled but worked out just great in the end! It was meant to be a site critique session, but something happened (I was late and missed it) and the whole thing was cancelled. LUCKILY people decided to hang out a bit anyway and have our own unofficial critique session. I learned a LOT from this! I now have a list of things to do on my Etsy shop to improve its look and attract more visits, and I have a load of new ideas about things like blogging (hence prompting me to start posting here!) and networking stuff, giveaways, and just general inspiration.

Doing what we do, creating stuff, its a wonderful thing to have nothing, or at least a collection of possibly unrelated tools and materials, and within a short period of time, having…. something! A doll, a glass bead, a painting, a purse, anything – whats important is that, before we started, IT DIDNT EXIST. I find that utterly amazing. The downside though is that it is all very individualistic, most people work on their own, in their own space, in their own head. I go off in my little bubble regularly. All very well, but sometimes its just vital to connect with other people doing the same thing. So now I am very happy to have discovered the Etsy community and the virtual classrooms. Ideas are suddenly pinging around my head and new inspirations are emerging simply from this short time with a small number of other creators. Thanks Suzanne and Vicki especially for being the last to leave along with me πŸ™‚ Lets assume now that this is the first of many posts. I plan to make some treasuries, do some giveaways, post some ‘how to’s’ Β and VISIT everyone regularly!